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Expelit capsules combine the power of riboflavin and creatine to flush toxins from your urine. This product is designed to be taken on the same day that you need your urine to be clean. The capsules are effective in just two hours, reducing the levels of toxins-such as marijuana, THC, cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol-to acceptable levels. Repeated urination for up to the following five hours also further lowers the level of toxins in your body.


  • Works in just two hours

  • Effective for up to five hours

Warning: This product´s effects are temporary, so be sure to carefully time your use of the Expelit capsules.


  1. Drink between 16 and 24 ounces of water an hour before taking the capsules.

  2. An hour later, take all four capsules together with at least 16 more ounces of water.

  3. Wait another 15 minutes before drinking another 16 ounces of water.

  4. Urinate at least three times before testing.

  5. You urine will be clean for next 3-5 hours.

For more frequent users and larger/overweight individuals, combine this product with the Zydot drink for extra potency.

Useful tips for success:

  • Avoid all unwanted toxins in the 24-48 hours prior to using the capsules.

  • Do not eat a large meal prior to taking Expelit. A light meal, however, is recommended.

  • Do not drink additional water (other than as directed) after taking this product.

  • If desired, you may drink additional water before taking the Expelit capsules.

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