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Urine Drug Test. Stay Informed How Labs Test You.

Have you ever wondered how they perform your urine testing for drugs? Do you know exactly what you've to do for successful passing? Information you find here collected from thousands successful passing drug tests and helps to pass employment, random or probation urine test.

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 You must know this before the urine drug testing.

1. Firstly most testing labs make the EMIT. This is the most common and inexpensive form of urine testing, called a drug screening, and this is not an actual drug test. The EMIT can detect small amounts of drug metabolites (including marijuana’s) in your urine sample. With the EMIT test detection level of THC metabolites is 50 ng/l. This means if you have more 50 ng/l in your urine (for example, 51), you will fail, and if you have less than 50 ng/l (49), you will pass.

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The EMIT screening is not very accurate, and can give off false positive results (when actually you’re not a drug user, but the test says that you are) up to 25 percent.

Note! Every fourth test is false positive! If you’re forced to pass a urine drug test you‘re at risk! It is not necessary to you smoking pot on weekends or takes a lot of extacy at party. You can fail your drug test even not being a drug user.

The drug screening shows you as positive for illegal drugs, when actually another substance (Ibuprofen, Antibiotics, Tylenol etc.) or food (poppy seed) was consumed. See detailed list of medication cause false positive for drugs is here
Be careful if you have taken prescription medication and are going to pass a drug test. Try to avoid unnecessary ones before your test!

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 If you fail the EMIT, the lab will always do a second, more expensive test. This is an actual drug test, called GC/MS, and it is much more accurate.
The detection level for GC/MS tests is 14 ng/l of drug metabolites, and then it can detect trace amounts of these.

So, your goal in any urine test is to pass the EMIT screening, then you never be forced to take the GC/MS test.

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2. Adulterant Test*

You have to pass not only the EMIT-GC/MS test, your sample is also put through an adulteration test. An adulteration test can tell of the urine samples about its:

  • Temperature from 90 to100 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Color - yellow;
  • PH -from 3 to 11;
  • Specific Gravity from 1003 to 1020;
  • Glucose level 70-150 mg or 0-0.8 mmol/l;
  • Protein/Creatinin level from 20 mg/dl.

*All data was taken from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Of course you know about widely myth about home remedies for pass urine drug test. Somebody drinks tons of cranberry juice, somebody drinks vinegar, and somebody adds to their sample Bleach,Visine, Aspirine and other ineffective things or tries dilute urine.

Note! All this tricks not work and cause that you fail your drug test. Drinking vinegar is extremely dangerous and may cause to death.

Remedy that works better than dilution

So, if you tried to drink gallons of water to dilute your sample – it’s a wrong way. The adulteration test detects the dilution, adding unusual substances that dramatically changed adulteration data. Acids decreases PH, dilution change the color and specific gravity. Not expensive adulteration strip test for $3.99 will help you check your urine before drug test to be sure you’re ready for any urine drug test at any moments.

Have any questions? Toll us free 866 600 88 20!

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This article was published on Wednesday 02 March, 2011.
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