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Urine Drug Test. Stay Informed How Labs Test You

Have you ever wondered how they test urine for drugs? Do you know exactly what you need to do to successfully pass a urine test? The information here has been collected from thousands who have successfully passed drug tests. It can help you to pass a pre-employment, random or probation urine test.

Urine drug test: what you must know before?
Firstly, most testing labs use the EMIT (Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique) test. This is the most common and least expensive form of urine testing. It’s called a drug screening because this is not an actual drug test. The EMIT can detect small amounts of drug metabolites (including marijuana) in your urine sample. With the EMIT test, the detection level of THCmetabolites is 50 ng/l. This means if you have 50 ng/l or more in your urine, you will fail, but if you have less than 50 ng/l, you will pass.

The EMIT screening is not very accurate and can often (up to 25% of the time) give false positive results, which is when the test says you’re a drug user even when you’re completely clean.

Note: Every one in four tests is a false positive. If you’re being forced to take a urine drug test, you‘re at risk of failing. It doesn’t matter if you never smoke pot at weekends or take ecstasy at parties. You can fail a drug test without ever being a drug user.

The problem arises because the drug screening flags you as positive for illegal drugs, but it is actually another substance—such as ibuprofen, antibiotics, Tylenol, and so on—or a food, such as one containing poppy seeds, causing the problem. See a detailed list of medications/foods that can cause false positive results. Be wary if you’re on any prescription medication when you take a drug test, and certainly try to avoid any unnecessary meds before the test!

If you fail the EMIT test, the lab will then always perform a second, more expensive test. This actual drug test is called the GC–MS (gas chromatography–mass spectrometry) test, and it is much more accurate than the EMIT test. The detection level for GC–MS tests is only 14 ng/l of drug metabolites, so it can detect much lower trace amounts of drugs.

So, your first priority in any urine test is to pass the EMIT screening, so you’ll never be subjected to the GC–MS test.

Be sure you’ll test negative with the best self-testing tool before every test!

The Adulterant Test

It’s not just about passing the EMIT and GC–MS tests; your sample is also subjected to an adulteration test to detect possible cheating. An adulteration test can measure a urine sample’s:

  • Temperature (90–100°F)
  • Color (yellow)
  • pH (3–11)
  • Specific gravity (1003 to 1020)
  • Glucose level (70-150 mg or 0-0.8 mmol/l)
  • Protein/Creatine level (~20 mg/dl)

Expected values are given in parenthesis. All data was taken from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Dilution: why people make the same mistakes?
Of course, you probably know the common myths about home remedies to pass a urine drug test. Some people drink pint after pint of cranberry juice, some drink vinegar, and other people add substances to their sample, such as bleach, Visine, Aspirin and other ineffective solutions. Others try to dilute their sample before handing it in.

Note: None of these tricks work and can cause you to fail your drug test. Drinking vinegar is also extremely dangerous and can even cause death.

This works better than dilution

So, if you’ve tried to drink gallons of water to dilute your sample—it’s the wrong way. The adulteration test detects the deliberate dilution, and adding unusual substances that dramatically change your urine’s properties will also cause it to fail the adulteration test. Acids change the pH, for example, and dilution changes the color and the specific gravity. These can be easy detected by labs. And you can loose all.

An inexpensive test will help you check your urine before the drug test, so you can be sure you’re ready for any urine drug test at any moment. You can always be prepared for a random, probation or pre-employment drug test with  strongest marijuana detox kit on the market. Make your choice.

This article was published on Thursday 26 May, 2011.
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