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The Ultra Mask One-Hour Cleansing Formula is a sure way to pass any urine drug screening! Its fast-acting formula, which is fortified with vitamins and herbal ingredients, flushes toxins and drug metabolites from your bladder, enabling you to provide a clean urine sample for testing within the hour. Not only does it work fast, it also tastes good. This is the mandarin-orange flavor, but it also comes in exotic-punch, cherry-red and wild-berry-blast flavors. Backed by a manufacturer´s 500% money-back guarantee, Ultra Mask will work for you or you´ll get more than just your money back.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Abstain from using any drugs or other unwanted substances for at least the two days before testing. Avoiding drugs for a longer period will further improve your test results.

  2. Two hours before your test, shake the bottle of Ultra Mask One-Hour Cleansing Formula and drink the entire contents.

  3. Wait 20 minutes before refilling the bottle with water and drinking again.

  4. Urinate frequently and be prepared to submit your test sample within the next few hours. The best results are obtained two hours after drinking Ultra Mask.

For best results:
Abstain from drug use for as long as possible before a drug test. Fast-acting flush products like Ultra Mask require a minimum of 48 hours of abstinence, but a longer period of abstinence can only result in a more effective flush. After using Ultra Mask, be sure to urinate at least three or four times before submitting your test sample, because this plays an important role in the cleansing process.

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