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When you need a fast and reliable solution to pass a urine test, this chewable tablet is the choice for you! With its new advanced formula, this tablet starts working in just 45 minutes and continues to keep your urine clean for three to five hours. Just chew the orange-vanilla flavor tablet, drink 24 ounces of water, and wait 45 minutes. You´ll then be ready to provide a clean urine sample. To give you piece of mind, this product is backed by a manufacturer´s 300% money-back guarantee.

Instructions for use:

An hour before test time, chew the entire tablet followed by drinking 24 ounces of water. Wait 15 minutes before then drinking another 24 ounces of water. Wait at least another 45 minutes, urinating at least three or four times while waiting, before providing your sample.

For best results:

On the day before your test deadline, drink a 12-ounce glass of water every hour. This will help to flush toxins from your urine. On the test day itself, only drink normal amounts of water, because too much water will overly dilute your urine.


Avoid all unwanted substances for at least the 48 hours prior to using this product.

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