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This Two-Stage Opiate Detoxification Kit includes a 16-ounce bottle of QCarbo Easy Cleanser, a bottle of 100 QPretox Master concentrated capsules, and a Morphine/Opiate testing device. It is designed for smaller or leaner individuals weighing less than 200 pounds.

Directions for use:

This product collection is designed so you can begin preparing for a urine drug screening between 2 and 25 days before your test. The QPretox capsules should be used daily while abstaining from drug use, while the QCarbo drink should be saved for use on the test day for a fast-acting flush.

Step 1: Starting up to 25 days before your test, take two QPretox capsules twice daily with water.
Step 2: On the test day itself, drink the entire bottle of QCarbo Easy Cleanser two hours before the test.
Step 3: Wait 20 minutes before refilling the empty bottle with water and drinking again.
Step 4: Wait a further 40 minutes and then use the provided self-testing device to ensure your urine is clean. Make sure you urinate at least twice before testing yourself.

Important tips for a successful test!

Do not eat a large meal before using this product.
Urinate as frequently as possible, because this is an important part of the cleansing process. 
Drink plenty of water in the days before your test, but only drink normal amounts on the test day itself. 
Avoid any unwanted toxins in at least the 48 hours prior to your testing time, although you should ideally abstain from drugs for the entire course of this program.
The effects of the QCarbo fast-flush drink are temporary, lasting up to five hours. Make sure you submit a sample within this window.

Warning: Consult your physician before using this product if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

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