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Several Tips and Cleansing Methods to Pass a Urine Drug Test

1. If you have enough time for a thorough cleansing process before your drug test, use a permanent detox method. For the best results, combine a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet with exercise to burn off fat cells. This way, it typically takes 5-10 days for an average user with average weight to become clean of fat-soluble drugs like marijuana. For water-soluble drugs-such as ecstasy, cocaine, and opiates-it usually takes 2-3 days to become clean, but for heavier users, the cleansing period can be up to 10 days. Generally speaking, the higher your body weight and drug usage, the longer it will take to become clean. Fortunately, there are many helpful products to accelerate the detoxification process.

2. There are other options if you don't have the time for a permanent detox.

For fat-soluble drugs, a temporary detox uses a process that flushes your urine clean in the short term, usually for a window of around 4-6 hours.

These detoxes come in the form of the urine detox drinks and urine detox pills you can find here. They work by diluting your urine after taking them, but at the same time, they add creatine, protein, and vitamin B to your urine so it will pass the adulterant test. You will pass the screening thanks to the dilution effect, and you will pass the adulterant test as well thanks to the creatine and vitamins that are part of these products formulas.
When using temporary solutions like these, we don't want to be burning fat. Instead, you actually want to prevent drug metabolites from leaving fat cells, and therefore entering your urine, in the hours and days before a drug test. You should therefore avoid exercise and dieting for at least the 48 hours before your test (combined with absolutely no drug use). You should be drinking plenty of water and fruit juices in the days before taking a drug test, because this will act as a pre-flush before you take the detox solution. These products help toxins to leave your body in a natural way.
On the day of the test, it is important not to overeat and drink only limited fluids, because foods can interfere with and block the flushing action of a temporary system. These systems require you to drink additional water as well, but drinking too much water will cause the sample to become so diluted that it fails the adulterant test because of low creatine and clear color.
Why is passing the adulterant test so important to us? Besides the actual drug test, which is usually an EMIT or GC/MS test, your sample is also put through an adulteration test. This test measures the temperature, color, pH, specific gravity, and glucose and protein levels in the urine sample, and any abnormalities in these qualities suggests some form of cheating. If you try to beat a drug test, it's critically important to also pass the adulteration test.
For example, if you tried drinking a lot of water to dilute your sample, the adulteration test will detect the dilution. In fact, a simple visual inspection of the sample by a lab technician will reveal a clearer-than-normal color and trigger the suspicion of dilution.
Various popular household remedies-such as bleach, Visine, vinegar, and so on-can cause you to fail the adulterant test. When you fail an adulterant test, the lab will not fail you but rather report an inconclusive result and ask you to retake the test at a later time.
So, if you want to be ready to pass a urine drug test, the key steps are:

  • Stop drug use
  • Avoid unnecessary medications and alcohol
  • Do not use home remedies
  • Eat healthy food and exercise regularly
  • Drink appropriate amounts of water or fruit juices
  • Use suitable detox products
  • Test yourself before an actual drug test by using a home testing kit


This article was published on Wednesday 19 October, 2016.
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