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the Same Day Marijuana Cleanser Extra Strong

Want to Know a Way to Pass a Drug Test other than Drinking Gallons of Water?

The Same-Day Marijuana Cleanser Extra Strong is ideal if you have high toxin levels and are being forced to take a urine drug test. Maybe you also lack the time to go through a complete detox. It´s a quick and easy way to pass a drug test, even for overweight users.

This rapid-acting solution quickly removes any traces of marijuana use. It starts to be effective one hour after consumption, although it´s at its most effective after two hours, and the effects lasts for up to five hours.

The contents of this kit forms part of a healthy diet. The Same-Day Marijuana Cleanser Extra Strong is undetectable and doesn´t just mask the toxins in your urine.  

How does it work?

You´ll find many people on the Internet saying things like, "Detox kits just dilute your urine," but when you use the Same-Day Marijuana Cleanser Extra Strong, you´ll get so much more than mere dilution! Here´s why:

  • Its combination of herbal diuretics works gently to remove marijuana traces from your urine without having to drink gallons of water.

  • Toxic substances will be mostly soaked up in your bowels, helping to first clean the blood and then the urine.

  • Your body needs energy to avoid burning fat cells that contain traces of marijuana. The Same-Day Marijuana Cleanser Extra Strong uses carbohydrates and glycerol as sources of energy. This helps avoid burning fat cells on the test day and subsequently raising your toxin levels. As an extra precaution, try to avoid unnecessary exercise in the 48 hours before the test.

  • Creatine is a key component of normal urine. Our detox solution includes creatine for passing the adulteration test.

  • B-group vitamins are included to ensure a normal, bright-yellow color for your urine, so you won´t be suspected of dilution.

You can be ready for a drug test on the same day with this easy-to-use kit. It will help your body to remove toxins from your body, so you can continue your life. To ensure you are properly prepared for a urine test, we recommend using an adulteration strip before the actual test. It costs just $3.99, and you´ll gain the confidence that your urine is ready for testing.

Step-by-step directions:

Step 1: Drink the entire bottle of QCarbo Plus, combined with the entire pack (4) of Super Boost Tabs, two hours before the test. Don´t discard the bottle yet.

Step 2: After 15 minutes, refill the empty QCarbo bottle with water and drink the entire bottle again.

Step 3: Try to relax and urinate frequently for the next 45 minutes, because this will help flush the toxins from your urine, and then use the included self-test.

Step 4: If the self-test gives a clean, passing result (2 lines), submit your urine sample as soon as possible. If the test gives an unclean, failing result (1 line), proceed to step 5.

Step 5: Chew the QClean tablet and drink 32 ounces of water. Wait for an additional hour and be sure to urinate several times before taking your test. The results will only last for another four hours, so be sure to submit your sample within this period.

Tips for effective use:

  • Do not eat a large meal before using this product.

  • Urinate as frequently as possible, because this is an important part of the cleansing process.

  • On test day, do not drink excessive amounts of water.

  • Try to avoid all toxins (e.g., drugs, unnecessary medication, and alcohol) for the 48 hours prior to when you need to submit a sample.

  • This detox kit is effective an hour after use and at its best after two hours. The effects persist for up to five hours, so be sure to organize your time accordingly.

  • Consult your physician before using this product if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Five reasons why you should buy the Same-Day Marijuana Cleanser Extra Strong from HowToCleanYourBody.com:

  1. Attentive support: You will get comprehensive answers about all aspects of product use and the drug testing process.

  2. Accurate information about drug testing. We endeavor to give you all the relevant facts needed to make an informed choice.

  3. Comfortable, safe and easy to order: Ordering your drug test solution from us is so easy with our new shopping cart. We don´t ask for any extra information about you, and our ordering process is secured for your confidence.

  4. Fast shipping: Simply select your preferred shipping method, and a plain box containing your detox product will be shipped to you ASAP.

  5. Proven quality and 100% guaranteed satisfaction: We select only the best detox products from trusted manufacturers to ensure your absolute success in your drug test. Carefully follow all the instructions, read our articles to prepare yourself, and always perform a self-test before submitting your sample. If this still does not help, we´ll give you your money back.

What do people say?

"I don´t know how much time I wasted looking for cheap or free home remedies to cover up my drug use. I tried cranberry juice, Visine, aspirin, gallons of water, and exercise, but nothing worked. If I´d had your products earlier, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money. Thanks." Lisa, Phoenix

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