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How Long Does Cocaine Stay in the System?

What Are the Effects of Cocaine?

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Cocaine is a powerful stimulator of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. This drug, much like nicotine and heroin, is highly addictive.
So, how does it work? The brain, because of changes in the metabolic processes, perceives cocaine use as being something pleasurable, much like having sex or eating good food. The source of cocaine is the leaves of the coca plant that grows in the Andes of South America. In the 20th century, it was used to treat various diseases, and dentists still use cocaine derivatives for anesthesia. It was also an ingredient of many popular health tonics. It's estimated now that around 3% of Americans are cocaine users.
Cocaine acts fast but its effects are short lived and depend on the dose and purity of the drug. When cocaine is snorted, the effects can be felt after around 10-15 seconds and are at their most intense five minutes after use, with the effects wearing off fully after 20-30 minutes. Users feel alert, full of energy, euphoric, self-confident, and more sociable, with them often tending to talk a lot. They may also feel stronger and become sexually aroused. The heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature all rise, so users need to be careful when they are in poor shape. If you want to stop using drugs like cocaine, try one of our detoxes!
Cocaine has very unpleasant aftereffects, such as a jammed-up or sore nose, headaches, irritability, depression, lethargy and an inability to concentrate. When someone first starts using cocaine, these aftereffects are minimal, but they get gradually worse with continued use. Regular use (two or three times a week) builds up tolerance, so users need to take cocaine more often and in higher doses to get the same effect. At the peak of cocaine abuse comes cocaine psychosis.
You can cleanse your system of cocaine and pass your drug test with our products.
Cocaine is extremely habit-forming, and you should never overestimate your ability to control such a habit. The greatest health risk associated with cocaine use is an overdose. This is not nice and can cause convulsions, heart failure, or depress respiration. The result is all too often death.
The good news is that if you stop using coke, you will revert back to normal. There are some great cocaine cleansing products that will help you to flush cocaine from your system. To be absolutely sure you are clean, use our drug detection kits to test yourself.

This article was published on Monday 03 October, 2016.
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