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Permanently Cleanse Yourself from Drugs in Two Months while Still Having a Same-Day Solution

The Two-Month Extensive Cleansing Program provides a gradual and permanent detox with two daily supplements while still providing instant results for drug testing with Vale´s Solution. Vale´s Perma Clean is our most popular daily supplement. It is designed to support the detox process through nutrition that helps liver function. Vale´s Flax Boost, the second supplement, contains Omega-3 and natural fiber to help improve digestion and accelerate the excretion of wastes. Combining both of these supplements over a two-month period will expedite your body´s natural detoxification process and get you clean faster. Just in case you´re subjected to a drug screening before you complete the program, we´ve included two bottles of Vale´s Solution for fast, reliable results exactly when you need them. We´ve also included two packs of Vale´s Fiber Boost for use with the detox beverages. With both fast-acting and permanent detox solutions on hand, you can´t go wrong with the Two-Month Extensive Cleansing Program.

Directions for use: 
For people that will not be tested for drugs during the two-month detox period:

  1. Start your personal two-month program by drinking one bottle of Vale´s Solution and taking one pack of Vale´s Fiber Boost.

  2. The next day, start your daily supplements by taking four capsules of Vale´s Perma Clean with water.

  3. Once your supply of Vale´s Perma Clean has run out, drink the second bottle of Vale´s Solution together with the remaining pack of Vale´s Fiber Boost.

  4. Continue the detox program by taking three capsules of Vale´s Flax Boost daily.

For people that will be tested for drug use during the two-month detoxification period.

  1. Start by taking four capsules of Vale´s Perma Clean daily with water.

  2. When your supply of Vale´s Perma Clean is exhausted, continue your regimen by taking three capsules of Vale´s Flax Boost every day.

  3. The bottles of Vale´s Solution and the Fiber Boost Capsules should be reserved for days when you´re urine will be tested. One to two hours before submitting a urine sample, drink Vale´s Solution and take the Fiber Boost Capsules. Make sure you urinate several times before submitting your sample.

To get the best results:
Abstain from drug use and avoid any other undesirable substances while on this program. Your body cannot be cleansed of drugs if they are being constantly reintroduced during the detox process. You should always drink plenty of water, because a well-hydrated body removes metabolic wastes and drug-related toxins more effectively.

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