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How Long Will Morphine Stay In Your Urine

If you use any type of drug, it will linger in your system. This holds true for morphine as well. If you are going to be tested for the presence of drugs in your urine, you need to understand that different factors affect how long morphine shows up in your body.

No two people are alike and how long morphine stays in the urine can be different for each person. Your weight, your body's metabolism, how active you are, your health, and your age affect how quickly you eliminate traces of a drug from your body. You'll also find that different types of tests have different results. You need to be certain about the kind of test to have a ballpark figure for how long morphine can be detected in your body.

Morphine and Different Tests Used to Detect it in the Body
When it comes to urine tests, morphine can be detected up to 4 days for most people, although results can vary. If a blood test is used, it can be found in the first 12 hours after use. Saliva tests aren't as reliable and may detect morphine in as little as a 1 day or up to 4 days.

However, if a hair follicle test is requested, morphine can be found up to 3 months after it was used. If you know that you are going to be tested for drug use, make sure you know exactly what kind of test is going to be used.

What Can You Do to Cleanse Your System?
The obvious first step to cleansing your system of morphine is to stop taking the drug. This is the only way that you will have a clean drug test. This is important for employment opportunities or if the court orders a screening. You can help your system with the Quick Opiate Detox from www.howtocleanyourbody.com.

Our collection of products has been designed for anyone who has had a history of drug use. If you are overweight or have a slow metabolism? That means it takes their bodies longer to get rid of traces of drugs and you have to use the stronger morphine detox. When used 2 prior your test, you'll be ready. Just be free of morphine. Right now.

This article was published on Wednesday 02 April, 2014.
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