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Home remedies for passing a drug test. Work or not?

There is a lot of information about home remedies to pass a drug test. Cheap and even free ones are so promising, and they seem so simple. However, you'll never hear about these methods from someone who has actually used a household product and pass a drug test.
Many of these purported solutions are just urban legends, so don't waste your time trying to flush toxins out of your system by using these dubious methods. If you want to detox your body of drug metabolites right now, you can find safe and natural toxin removers to help pass your drug test.

Home remedies vs labs: who wins?

These "magical solutions" have been broadcasted all over the internet. Don't waste your time with home remedies to pass drug tests that you heard about on the street or from your friends. The labs are just too smart these days!
You need to be extremely careful, because if you try one of these ineffective methods, you will most likely fail your drug test and consequently lose your job! There are so many great cleansing products out there, so home remedies are a thing of the past.

The sad truth about the home remedies for flushing TCH from your system

Weíll briefly discuss the most popular ones. The THC from marijuana is stored in your fat cells, and removing it from your fat tissue is very difficult. It is impossible for an average user to flush THC from their fat cells by only using home remedies.
Many herbal products claim to clean out your system, yet they do nothing.
You may be able to temporarily clean THC metabolites from your bloodstream using these products. But for a long term cleansing effect they don't work. Proven.
Most of them dilute your urine by drinking large amounts of water or fruit juices to get a larger urine/THC ratio. However, your bloodstream will continue to collect THC metabolites from fat cells, and these will continue to pass into your urine. The only way to truly flush THC from your fat cells is to exercise and take a fat-burning detox

What about water?

Drink at least a recommended amount of fluid (preferably water) just prior to a test. Many people start drinking water several days before the test, but this is futile because water does not remove any THC metabolites from your system. THC is not water soluble, so water merely dilutes the urine temporarily. Whatís more, if you try to drink a lot of water to dilute your sample, the adulteration test will be able to detect the dilution.
A visual inspection of the sample by the lab technician will trigger suspicions of dilution, because the sample will be clearer than normal. An adulteration test can measure the temperature, color, pH, specific gravity, and glucose and protein levels of a urine sample if you attempt to beat the test. There will be suspicion that you've tried to cheat, and your sample may be rejected based on color alone. To avoid this situation, use a good detox product and follow the instructions carefully.

How diuretics cause to fail?

These make people urinate more frequently. Coffee, cranberry juice, grapes, beer, iced tea and cola are all good examples of diuretics. The effects, however, of using just diuretics to cleanse your body from THC will be inadequate and temporary. If you're worried about testing positive for marijuana, use a detox product to remove THC from your system. These certainly work better than  fruit juices and will be more helpful in testing negative for marijuana use. Always test yourself before your actual drug test.

Vinegar: mask or not?

There is a myth that drinking vinegar will mask drugs, but it won't. Adding vinegar to your urine sample will cause its pH to change dramatically. One of the adulterant tests performed on urine samples checks the pH level. Because of this, youíll fail the adulterant test if you add vinegar to your sample.
Vinegar could perhaps reduce the detection time for amphetamines, because they are excreted up to three times faster when urine is acidified. These effects on detection time, however, are generally insignificant, and itís pointless because the adulterant test will detect the pH change anyway.
To remove TCH from your system, vinegar is not the answer, so donít drink it. Youíre more likely to suffer from diarrhea. Besides, you can find many great toxin removers for passing your drug test without going to such extremes.

Other tricks: Visine, Dexatrim, Ammonia

  • Visine: Adding Visine to your sample will cause it to foam and raise, immediately triggering suspicion, so donít add Visine to your urine sample.
  • Dexatrim: There is a myth that taking phenylpropanolamine (Dexatrim's active ingredient) will work, but again it won't. In fact, Dexatrim may work against you and cause a false positive. This myth may have originated from the claims that Dexatrim speeds up the metabolism, but regardless of the possible benefits, the fact that Dexatrim causes a false positive makes it useless.
  • Ammonia: Adding ammonia to your sample will cause its pH to change dramatically, so youíll certainly fail the adulterant test if you add ammonia to your sample.

Chemical "helpers":Table salt, Drain-O, Bleach

  • Table salt: Adding salt to your sample will lead to a negative result, but it raises the specific gravity out of the normal bodily ranges. Specific gravity is one of the adulterant tests, and the residue can also be visible in the bottom of the cup. You will fail the adulterant test if you add table salt to your sample.
  • Drain-O: Adding Drain-O to your urine will again cause the sampleís pH to change dramatically, as well as give it a bluish tint. Because the adulterant tests look at the pH level, you will fail if you add Drain-0 to your sample.
  • Bleach: The same as with Drain-O.

A high-fiber diet: be slim and clean

This can help by reducing body mass, but the effect from just a high-fiber diet may be temporarily and insufficient. You can, however, combine detox products with it. THC is eliminated primarily in the stools via bile acids, so a person eating a high-fiber diet will excrete the majority of their THC metabolites through their stools. A fiber-based laxative will also help by binding bile-acids, but such remedies alter the natural bowel schedule and can lead to dependency.

We work hard for your complete satisfaction. If you still have any questions, call us for free at (866) 600 8820.†

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This article was published on Wednesday 26 October, 2016.
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