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Folli - Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser

Worrying about an Upcoming Hair Drug Test?

Don´t worry. You´re in safe hands now, because this same-day hair detox will do the trick for you. This revolutionary hair detox formula cleanses your hair and enables you to pass any type of hair drug test.

The Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser is specially designed for people who need an emergency cleansing for their hair. It flushes out any traces of marijuana, THC, ecstasy, MDMA, nicotine, alcohol, and other pollutants from your hair. 
You also get a 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer in the unlikely event you´re not satisfied with this product.

How it works for your hair:

  • Penetrates into the hairs
  • Eliminates toxins deep within the hair strands
  • Starts to work after 10 minutes
  • Lasts for 24 hours, but the best results are obtained within eight hours

Directions for use:

  • Wash your hair thoroughly with a non-conditioning shampoo (not included).
  • Apply the entire bottle of Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser to the hair.
  • Using only your fingers, massage the cleanser thoroughly into your hair. Be sure to saturate all your hair with Folli-Kleen.
  • Do not brush or comb your hair while using Folli-Kleen.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and let the detox gel stand for 15-30 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair and style as usual.

For best results:

  • Because your hair is constantly growing and absorbing toxins from the bloodstream, the results will not persist for more than 24 hours. Be sure to submit your test sample within this period!
  • Stay away from unwanted toxins for the 24-48 hours (the longer the better) prior to using Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser.

Keep out of eyes. Discontinue use if you notice any scalp irritation.

Five reasons why you should buy The Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser from HowToCleanYourBody.com:

  1. Attentive support: You will get comprehensive answers about all aspects of product use and the drug testing process.
  2. Accurate information about drug testing. We endeavor to give you all the relevant facts needed to make an informed choice.
  3. Comfortable, safe and easy to order: Ordering your drug test solution from us is so easy with our new shopping cart. We don´t ask for any extra information about you, and our ordering process is secured for your confidence.
  4. Fast shipping: Simply select your preferred shipping method, and a plain box containing your detox product will be shipped to you ASAP.
  5. Proven quality and 100% guaranteed satisfaction: We select only the best detox products from trusted manufacturers to ensure your absolute success in your drug test. Carefully follow all the instructions, read our articles to prepare yourself, and always perform a self-test before submitting your sample. If this still does not help, we´ll give you your money back.

What do people say?
"I´m not a regular drug user, but I´ve smoked pot a few times. A few days after a party where I smoked pot, I found out that we were all going to have hair drug tests done at work. I was scared to death. I had only a few hours to find a solution, but fortunately my friend and coworker had your Folli-Kleen Gel, and this saved me. Thank God I had those few hours to clean my hair. I passed my test!!!! I ordered some more and keep it in my desk now. I´m ready for next time! Thanks!!!!!"
Nataly, Phoenix

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