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How to Cleanse Your System of Marijuana

Are you still trying to clean your body of weed by drinking gallon after gallon of water? Do you still shave all your body hair in the hope of avoiding a hair test? Are you still failing tests?

How to find 100% undetectable Marijuana Detox?
And why  that makes it possible to beat any type of drug test at any time?
You probably know that marijuana is fat-soluble and that weed can be detected by standard drug tests for a long time after use. But how can you calculate your personal marijuana detection period? To learn more, see the little known advice at the end of this article.

Dilution: myths and reality
No doubt you've heard people saying something like, "Detoxes just dilute your urine, nothing more! Just drink gallons of water and you'll pass your drug test for free!" What's more, you can also find "absolutely effective and miraculous" e-books that promise to teach you how to pass a urine drug test without any detox treatments. You just need to buy the e-book: Don't let them fool you. Just read the truth.
There are two extremely important things we need to inform you about. First, we won't lie to you. Dilution is a major part of the cleansing process, but dilution detoxes actually prepare your urine for the drug test.

How do they work?
One component of the THC Detox provides for a normal urine color, while another gives a normal specific gravity to your urine. Yet another component normalizes the creatinine level. Carbohydrates block body fat from being burned, because if you do burn any body fat on test day, you will fail! Powerful herbs also cleanse your liver and kidneys from traces of weed. These are the reasons why our detoxes are much more than mere dilution.
There's something else to remember: If you drink extra water on the test day, you will definitely fail. This is a fact, and no "miracle" e-book will change this. You can prevent failure and the worst outcome by using reliable and proven solutions that have really helped thousands of people like you to pass their drug tests.
With our popular Same-Day Weed Remover, you will start to produce clean urine after an hour and for up to five hours later, especially if you're a heavy user or overweight.

With marijuana urine drug tests, there are really only two ways to pass:

  1. Provide a clean urine sample of your own for testing.
  2. Substitute your sample with a synthetic one.
So then, how can you clean your urine from weed fast? The Same-Day Detox for Heavy Users accelerates your cleansing process by 150%compared with just water intake, thanks to its awesome ingredients. 
Here's several tips and tricks from our customers that also really help:
To permanently cleanse your system of marijuana, you should have enough time to wait. Day after day, your body eliminates the THC in fat cells and you become gradually cleaner. Just stop using. The natural cleaning process takes approximately a month, and then you'll be permanently clean. This is simply not suitable for everyone, however, and here's why.
Let's say you are eating a healthy diet, avoiding pizza and fast food, not drinking alcohol, and exercising three times a day for 30 minutes. You also don't suffer from constipation problems and you're not overweight. In this case, sure, you'll be clean, but are you certain you have the time it takes? If you don't, you need another solution to pass a urine drugs test without a hitch.
In emergencies, a substitute can save you. Thousands have successfully passed urine drug tests using Ultra pure pre-mixed synthetic urine  It is suitable for any urine drug test. Practice, practice and more practice: that's the key.

And again about home remedies to pass
Don't use home remedies to pass a drug test, such as bleach, acid, vinegar, table salt, Tyzine, and so on. These methods dramatically change the normal urine characteristics, such as pH, specific gravity and creatinine level. You will fail your adulteration test if you use any of these "magic" solutions.

Here's eight easy ways to increase your chances of success by 200%:

  1. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and ideally for three 30 minute sessions.
  2. Eat a healthy, low-fat diet. Cut down on sugar and salt as well.
  3. Drink mineral water, green tea, or cranberry juice, ideally 8-10 glasses a day.
  4. Use the Same-Day Marijuana Detox to beat any urine drug test.
  5. Stop dieting and exercising 48 hours before your test.
  6. Always test yourself prior to the actual drug test using a suitable test device
  7. Avoid homebrew remedies, such as bleach, acids, vinegar, Visine, and so on.
  8. In emergencies, consider an alternative way to pass

Start testing yourself daily once you think you're clean. Your first successful home test will show how long marijuana stays in your system. The detox kits contain home test devices that will calm your fears.

Take a look at the average time that weed stays in your body depending on your frequency of use:

One-time use only

4-10 days

Between 2 to 4 times a month

10-20 days

Between 2 to 4 times a week

25-35 days

Between 5 to 6 times a week

35-50 days

Daily use

50-60+ days

How can you cleanse your system of weed in a day or even faster?
It's hard, but not impossible. On the day of the test, you should:

  • Avoid any toxins (e.g., drugs, alcohol, nicotine, medications).
  • Don't drink extra water.
  • Use a detox solution that produces clean urine in two hours. Just follow the instructions.

  • Eat as much as you want, including red meat.
  • Avoid exercise on test day as much as possible.
Remember, there is no "miracle" remedy that can cleanse your body of marijuana when taken alone. Combine weed detoxes with the tips listed above for ensured success!
All our products come with a 100% satisfaction, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.
Call us free at (866) 600 8820 with any questions you may have. We're ready to help!

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This article was published on Monday 03 October, 2016.
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